Monday, October 5, 2009

Week5 Thing 12 - Rollyo

My rollyo link:

Rollyo is a very, very useful tool! If it weren't for my computer glitching, I'd have had more fun playing around with it. I created a couple "rolls, but am posting the link to a science themed one. There are some really neat websites out there related to rocks, minerals and the cycle of their formation. I think I had too much fun playing with some of the interactive tools on the websites! :-)

This is a really valuable tool for teachers to gather websites that give good, solid, reliable information for students, regardless of the topic.

School media specialists could use this for students as well as teachers. Finding reliable websites with resources, lesson plans, etc. and grouping them with Rollyo for easy access would show teachers how useful it can be. It's a very easy process to make your own rolls, so a quick tutorial would be all it would take for teachers to be able to make their own.

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  1. Great ideas for how to use this with students. If it were faster & smoother at the site that would work better for me.

    I linked you on my blog to test out technorati ratings. If we all link each other's blog we might get some authority rating going. It's an experiment I am trying.... let me know what you think please!