Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 7, Thing17 - Curriculum

Was anyone else kind of slapped in the face by Shelly's admonition to be sure that we are not using technology to drive the curriculum, but that we use the appropriate technology to enhance the learning process. As I'm learning all of this technology, I find myself wanting to put it ALL to use somewhere! Again, as a public librarian, my view is skewed a bit from the SLMS's, but I can see myself doing the same thing as a school librarian. I'd have to stop myself from thinking, "OK, cool, I've got this tool, now what lesson/activity can I make up to use it?" rather than, "Here's my lesson; is there a tech tool that would really make a difference in how the students learn and respond to the information and would it truly enhance what they're learning?"

I also notice while looking through the WebQuest examples and guides that it was stressed that a WebQuest should not be used as a scavenger hunt, but a tool that will truly allow the students to analyze and apply the information provided on the links given.

Here's the link to my WebQuest:


  1. I think when we are learning to use new tools it makes a lot of sense to look for a place to try them out. Where it fits, of course, and where it really enhances the lesson instead of just for the sake of using tech...

    But then when you have admin watching over your shoulder to see that you DO integrate tech it's really hard to keep it all in perspective, right?

    I think once we get used to using the tools it will even out more. Then there will be new tools... and on it goes!

  2. I could relate to your reaction in your blog. I also am thinking "now that I have this tool, what lesson can I make up to use it?" I think that's our natural reaction to learning new technology but we will progress to "here's my lesson, what tech tool should I use?"

  3. I agree that it's natural to want to immediately use our new tech knowledge. However, I find that it's not applicable to my small reading groups where I have x amount of time and I'm required to teach them certain material from a set program. That said, I plan to use what we are learning in anyway I can! As a librarian, someday, and for my own use until then. I do find that a lot of programs are useful even though my students don't realize they're benefiting! Technology keeps me organized, it helps me store data, and find new information. So, even if my students don't know they're benefiting, they are!