Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 7, Thing 16 - Wikis

It's really great to have had a bit of experience with Wikis before this week's activities. I have never personally created a wiki, but have interacted on them for other classes. They are wonderful collaborative tools! I had fun browsing through the given examples and suggestions of what wikis can be used for - subject guides, annotating library catalogs, community involvement, and internal library use for staff.

I also really got some great input on our TappedIn session last evening. It was mentioned last night that wikis can be a great addition to Literature Circles in the classroom and there is a nice example given on the Classroom Learning Blog as well.

When I am not so overwhelmed with school and work, I want to start a wiki for a book club here at my library. I've got several avid readers who love to intelligently share books, thoughts and ideas. I would like to begin the club, share the wiki and explain how the wiki can supplement what is discussed during the face to face meetings. The club members can add thoughts and ideas from home, and it would also be available for someone who could not make an actual group meeting to see what was discussed and add his/her own comments.

I think some of the greatest attributes and appeal for the general patron/student is that wikis require no technical skills! Also the fact that it's collaborative and all in one spot (some of us really dislike flipping all over the web and desktop to find everything we need!!) makes using a wiki even more appealing.

As I finished reading the assignment in the Jurkowski text, I really liked the thought of how the end of chapter 15 just leaves the technology door and room for expansion wide open. I don't have my text in front of me (I'm at work, it's at home!) so I cannot quote it exactly, but the gist is that as librarians we need to remember that our library doesn't have to be limited by its physical location. Library 2.0 makes it very possible to extend our sphere of influence far beyond the walls that house the library. Wikis - along with the other 22 Things - make this so possible!

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  1. YES, the focus on content rather than tech is great for wikis