Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 8 - Thing 19 - Library Thing

Yes, I know, my "Things" are a bit out of order, but I wanted to post a couple things before I forget to note them.

Here is my link:

For a first time experience using a tech tool, I have to say Library Thing is one of the easiest and most enjoyable to use! I had absolutely no trouble going to the site and just starting the process, nor did I get "lost" exploring through the site and working between it and Amazon.

I really like how easy it is to pull in all the information about a book from other sites and when Library Thing found more than one possibility for a book choice, it showed the options and I was able to choose the appropriate title. In addition, at one point I mistakenly added the same book twice and it let me know that I had "duplicate" records in my catalog - VERY cool!

When I have more time I will have to go back and do more exploring. I love that you can see other people's libraries and Library Thing lets you know what libraries are similar to yours as well as providing recommendations for other books to add to your own library. The tag clouds and ability to see how many others have the same book in their library are very helpful too.

This is a neat personal tool to keep track of books you've read as well as a great academic tool to help students find appropriate books and/or make lists for their own use while doing reports, etc. Being that library thing actually links to information showing book jackets, reading levels, etc. a teacher can actually see if a student is using appropriate materials for reports and class work.

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