Saturday, November 7, 2009

Week 9 - Thing 21 - Podcasts

I've learned quite a bit about podcasts this week. One thing I found out is that podcasting does not require an iPod! I know, it should have been an obvious thing, but never really having dealt with podcasts personally, I just assumed... (we know what that means! :-]) I guess one of the reasons I hadn't explored them is that assumption - no iPod, no 'cast! When I saw the distinction noted on page 36 of the Courtney text I didn't feel quite so ignorant since the author found it important enough to mention, meaning I'm likely not the only one to miss this concept!

One of my favorite tools to promote books is the booktalk. When I ran across the "BookTalks Quick and Simple" listed in the Courtney text on page 37, I had to take a few minutes to check it out. Nancy Kean, the librarian and 'caster, does a really nice job of promoting books for all ages. All the ones I listened to were nicely done with storyteller-like expression, and some including music to enhance the interest. Her web page is simple, but very effective and user-friendly:

Her podcast subscription link is:

I think the text has done a great job of explaining the purposes and possible uses of podcasts in the library setting. The possibilities are only stifled by a lack of imagination and as the text points out, they go way beyond booktalks, library education, news, and local history... I'm thinking podcasts, libraries and teens would be a great mix!

To the right, I've added a link to a library podcast that I found interesting. I have a feeling someday I may end up at a military/government library or a library on a military post, hence the military theme to the 'cast.

Courtney, N., Ed.. (2007). Library 2.0 and beyond: Innovative technologies and tomorrow's user. Westport, CT, Libraries Unlimited.

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