Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 8, Thing 20 - youtube, etc.

I've tried several times to embed a video from YouTube, but it's not been successful, so I'll just post the link to it.

I watched quite a few library videos. Some were pranks, some were serious advertising info, and some were just a bit silly, like the Mr. Bean one trying to be quiet in the library (search Mr. Bean and library and it'll come up.) The video I chose is a quick one about the "super librarian" being the expert at information location among other things. I think YouTube - and other video sites - can be great assets to "advertising" what we do. In addition, there are some great applications to embedding video into library websites. A quick how-to video addressing locating materials, searching databases, or a video on library programs could all be interesting additions to a library's website. If a library could get public officials and/or local business personnel to do quick blurbs on what how they use the library, it would be great promotional material! (I liked Jack O'Connell Goes Back to School.) One of the other libraries in our county has just built a new library. One of the advertising/fundraising promotions they did was to have local business people on posters and in news ads holding their favorite book, i.e. the podiatrist had Dr. Seuss's "The Foot Book." It was a joint advertising effort for the library and the business. This same type of material could be done in videos for any library.

YouTube is a great site. I think most of us have probably taken some time perusing videos and getting a chuckle or two from them. (My daughter and I spent a ton of time one evening a few months ago watching baby videos, and laughing til our sides ached. There's a great laughing baby montage we especially enjoyed.)

I had enjoyed several of the videos listed on the Classroom Learning 2.0 - the March of the Librarians, Introducing the Book, etc. - before. During our Intro class, Dr. Tunon shared some of them with us.

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